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How are Screw Conveyers Manufactured?

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    Does anyone have any idea how the screw conveyers in these photos would be manufactured? http://www.bwsinclair.com/Products/Live Bin Bottoms.htm

    It's the variable fin length that I don't understand - could this be extruded? Any clue how it would/could be done?

    Thanks for your help :)
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    Most likely modelled using 3D software, then laser or plasma cut based on flat patterns created by software. Finally, flat parts are bent/ formed and welded together.
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    My first thought was the same as tvaavavannnanad's: flat parts, bent and welded.
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    The screw blade is usually roll formed from strip or coil then welded to a shaft.
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    Thanks everyone for your insight- that does make a lot of sense :)

    Out of interest, if they are made separately, how do you think the body may have been created?
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    Assuming that you mean the middle photo:
    The body is made from a tube (purchased welded tube), a cone and a cap welded together.
    The tube appears to extend full length through the cone (provides a straighter final part).
    There are visible bend lines on the cone that suggest it was made from a flat sheet.
    Note sure if they made the cone from one piece or two; may be possible to make from one, likely easier to make from two and have them joined with weld.
    Get your grinder out.
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