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How can I improve my writing posture?

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    I've recently found that my back aches when I sit down to work on an assignment or do some readings. Maintaining good posture while working at the computer is something that I can improve by just being mindful of how I sit, but I find it very difficult to sit up straight while writing since it does not feel good at all to be so far from the page. I've heard that a drafting desk might help since I'd be writing on a sloped surface, however they are not cheap and I've read that some find that it strains your wrist to write at an angle.

    If you have experience writing at a drafting table I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether or not it is worth the investment. Also, if you have any tips in general about how to improve writing posture I'd love to hear it!
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    Buy an ergonomic chair and take breaks often. Don't slouch, keep the back straight.
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    Or sit on a swiss ball. Really.
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    jim hardy

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    Home improvement stores all sell wood tabletops like this that you could try by propping one up with a physics book.....



    it's about twice as big as you need but first cut is free.. perhaps you and a friend could partner up for two of them.
    The square edge should work for your tee-square.

    Pine is a bit soft for a writing surface but three coats of polyurethane varnish will toughen it right up.

    old jim
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    Have you had your eyesight checked recently? You might be unaware that you're leaning in because you can't see what you're reading.
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    All of the posts I clicked 'like' in this thread really cracked me up. None of their ideas are nonsensical at all. :approve: Excellent and very imagery.
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    A bright table lamp may also help.
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    How about a standing-desk? One of those desks that's so high it forces you to stand.
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    Get one of those ball thingies, when you sit on it, it keeps your back straight.
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