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How can i prepare for a medical school?

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    hi! thank for coming to answer my question!
    i am junor in high school. i want to have a future in the medical field but i don't know the way to go now. i will graduate next year but i don't know what i should take in college so i can be well-prepared for the medical shool?
    i will take an AP chemistry next year in high school and i hope i will do good in it.
    can you give me the list of things that i must achieve in order to success?
    i know that i must take the physics, general chemistry, organic chemisttry, and biology.... but i am not sure it is right or wrong?
    can i practice them at home? will that help?
    thank you very much!
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    It would help us help you if you would tell us where you are from? Different countries, states and provinces have differrent rules about med schoold application and requirement.
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    Do you have money to pay for tuition, fee etc ?
    Most of the med schools require high fee, tuition.
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    In the US at least, you can get student loans to cover that. The typical doctor probably comes out of Med school with $150K or more in student loans.

    As far as what you should take in college, take a look at some med schools you think you might want to attend and see what courses they require for admission. In the med schools I've looked at, it was a year of chemistry, a year of physics, a year of biology, and a year of organic chemistry, though a couple had an additional requirement or two. Beyond that, you can really take anything you like. A lot of colleges actually have a pre-med program, and that's the obvious option, but you don't necessarily have to do that. I've actually been told that some med school admissions departments like students with other majors because they're more 'well-rounded.'
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