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How can i separate water vapor from biogas

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    I need to know how i can separate the water vapor from biogas
    i know that there is separation of H2S and Co2
    but what the procedure to remove water vapor from biogas ?
    thank you :)
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    You condense it out.
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    Condensation or freezing is a way to go.
    Bio-gas (at least the useful bits of it) is methane maybe some ethane and rarely some propane. All with a boiling point higher than waters freezing point. Or higher pressure to induce condensation. There are chemicals like MgSo4 (dehydrated) that can absorb water although their dehydration is energy consuming and not practical for large quantities.
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    thank you
    but can i use flash tank to separate it ??
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    Flash tanks are usually use for evaporating a process that is not necessary. You could use the tank to pump the gas at higher than normal pressure (check the tank specs) which would condense the water. The tank should be cooled not heated.

    A normal tank should do, no need for the whole flash tank gear.
  7. Oct 21, 2016 #6
    hi, can you build a demister in PSA system? I am doing my thesis on biogas and was wondering if I can build a demister using a steel wool to purify biogas from water vapour. Do you think it will help?
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