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How to calculate boiler Fuel Requirement for how much water?

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    I am doing my research thesis. I want to operate a steam turbine through biogas. I need to know how do I calculate the boiler water requirements i.e how much biogas heat will be required to heat an exact amount of water? Is there a specific way to calculate it? thanks
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    If you cannot do a basic preliminary calculation do you think it's wise to attempt an entire thesis on this subject?
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    billy_joule is right.

    If you don't know anything about rankine cycles and how they work, your thesis could be a bit frustrating. If you want to delve further into this research, just saying "I want to operate a steam turbine through biogas." is woefully vague. How much power do you wish to extract from the turbine? What sort of steaming conditions will the turbine be designed to accept? Condenser or cooling tower?
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