How can i stream my console to my computer using just wifi

  1. Is there a program i can use or do i have to create one? If so,is it even possible?
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    Can you say more about what you want to do? One meaning of the word "console" is just your display on your computer. What and where is this console you want to stream to your computer display?
  4. sorry about that,I want to steam my xbox or playstation to my computer to download and live stream games i am playing and do not want to buy a capture caard
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    How much does a capture card for those game consoles cost?
  6. like 150 for a good one but im hoping i can make one or find a program that will do it wireless
  7. What console are you using? XBox One and PS4 both have very similar capabilities built in without the need of a computer. You can save and upload videos to youtube straight from the aforementioned consoles.

    Outside of those two.. Computers don't generally have video inputs, so just using a cable from console to PC isn't going to work with any sort of program without additional hardware. Doing this wirelessly maybe possible, though not only would you need a program on your PC to receive the signal, you would need one on your console as well. Which would likely require some sort of 'jailbreak' and a sketchy homebrew application, that gives the author potential access to your stuff.

    If you're trying to avoid spending money, you might as well just set up a camera and point it at your TV. Even if you did find away, the quality of the video you're going to get without a dedicated capture device is going to be bad.

    Further, if you want to get into game streaming, you're far better off gaming on a computer. They're faster, more powerful, and more versatile. And there is a number of free streaming programs for computers.
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  8. Greetz
    I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here because I haven't kept up with the current EULAs on the various gaming consoles but it used to be that one could install a real operating system on them. By "real" I mean one in which you, the user, is in control instead of the manufacturer.

    In any case if you have the option to install any software then it is very likely this will do exactly what you want

    VLC description can be found here and since it is FOSS under GPL it is free both as in speech and beer.
  9. Cracking the OS on the console is going to void your warranty, which you might need, when something you try to install on it bricks the system.
  10. While "bricking" is a possibility, I hardly think it's accurate to say "when" instead of "if". Everyone must gauge their own abilities and limitations and of course one advantage to a real system is the ability to backup and restore. IMHO, The best warranty of all is one's own knowledge, ability and courage, especially in the areas we depend on and that have a decent cost/benefit ratio.
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