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How can I succeed in AP Physics C?

  1. Sep 16, 2009 #1
    we are only doing mechanics the whole year, and my teacher sucks. He doesn't teach us, I have the book University Physics 9th Edition. The book is literally horrible. we started class a week ago and I'm trying so hard with no results. We are on vectors which I find very complicated. How can I understand it better? I'll look at the problem then have no idea what to do.
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    I have used University Physics book (latest edition is 12th btw) and i find it decent enough. It has several worked out problems, you should definately try those. Furthermore, there are like 100 or so end of chapter problems, take a look at them. If you can find an "Instructors Solution" use it throughout...it has solution to all those problems (i used ebook version). If doubt of concept, read the book thoroughly.

    Then there are external resources you can look into. MIT online lectures are excellent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmJV8CHIqFc&feature=PlayList&p=F688ECB2FF119649&index=0 You can also use this forum to ask Physics related problem you have.

    If you can't get through chapter one (vector), you are in whole lot of trouble. You'll be using vectors throughout the course and even latter in higher courses. Think of that and study till you get it right!
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    What exactly about vectors are you unsure about? Maybe we can help you better if you describe specifically what your problem is.

    And I don't think University Physics is a bad book at all.
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    What can I say.. EVERYTHING! My teacher will try to teach us the material and nobody will understand it. Horrible teacher who can't teach. It's like I'm trying to self study Physics by myself. I have tried it myself and I do get the method of components but it's still kind of confusing. especially when my answer is 0.2 units off of the real answer
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