What is Ap physics c: Definition and 85 Discussions

In the United States, Advanced Placement (AP) Physics collectively refers to the College Board Advanced Placement Program courses and exams covering various areas of physics. These are intended to be equivalent to university courses that use best practices of physics teaching pedagogy.
Each AP Physics course culminates in an optional exam for which high-performing students may receive some credit towards their college coursework, depending on which college or university they attend.

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  1. autumnhogan

    Will getting a D in first semester AP Physics C cause my university acceptances to be revoked?

    I'm a senior in high school taking AP Physics C (equivalent of college calculus based physics mechanics and electricity/magnetism). Through junior year I had a 3.9 unweighted, 4.33 weighted GPA with all A's besides a B and C sophomore year due to mental health issues explained in my application...
  2. S

    APPC Mech MCQ Review: Find Past Exam Questions for Final Prep

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had the MCQ for the past APPC Mech exams. I'm in the process of studying for my final next week, and it would be a good review. I found the FRQ, but do they not release MCQ? I thought they released mcq for all exams, but I might be wrong- Please let me know- the...
  3. Daniel Guh

    AP Physics C Mechanics: Linear Momentum for Colliding Billiard Balls

    I'm guessing this question can be solved using the law of conservation of momentum Vi = 5 m/s (5 m/s) M = (4.33 m/s) cos30 M + V sinθ M I don't know what to do after this... I'm also not sure if I use the sin and cos correctly.
  4. cellist542

    Hardest content to learn for AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism

    What are some of the hardest concepts to learn in AP E&M? I am going to prepare for the exam with my previous physics teacher. I am currently a senior enrolled in AP Calc BC, and I already took AP Mechanics.
  5. aspodkfpo

    AP Physics C sample question that I think is wrong (dart hitting a box)

    https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap-2020exam-sample-questions-physics-c-mechanics.pdf For 1 b) how did they get that equation? Is it wrong?
  6. pokemon123

    Why Does Using A=L^2/4 Lead to Incorrect Results in Calculating EMF in a Loop?

    I am attempting to solve part b of this question. I start with the equation A=L^2/4 and I get dA=L/2(dl). Next I find dA/dt=L/2(dL/dt) and I realize dL/dt=v. Thus I get -d(flux)/dt=-BLv/2. Finally, I use emf/R=I. I get -BLv0/2R=I. However, the answer is BLv0/4R=I. I understand dA is supposed to...
  7. J

    Schools Comparing AP Physics C to College Intro Physics Courses

    To the people who took AP Physics C in high school and then took the introductory Calc-based physics sequence in college; how does Physics C compare to the Intro Sequence?
  8. K

    AP Physics C Momentum Problem: A dart launched horizonally by a spring gun

    Homework Statement A boy launches a 20 g dart horizontally by a spring gun from a balcony 45 m above the ground. The dart lands 15 m away from the balcony. If the length of the gun’s barrel is 10 cm, what is the average horizontal force applied by the spring?(A) 1.0N (B) 2.0 N (C) 2.5 N (D) 5. N...
  9. J

    What is the magnitude of the acceleration of cylinder's com?

    Homework Statement In the figure below, a constant horizontal force app of magnitude 18 N is applied to a uniform solid cylinder by fishing line wrapped around the cylinder. The mass of the cylinder is 19 kg, its radius is 0.11 m, and the cylinder rolls smoothly on the horizontal surface. (a)...
  10. J

    What Determines the Force Between Links in a Chain Under Acceleration?

    Homework Statement In the figure below, a chain consisting of five links, each of mass 0.103 kg, is lifted vertically with a constant acceleration of magnitude a = 2.49 m/s2. (a) Find the magnitude of the force acting between link 1 and link 2. (b) Find the magnitude of the force acting...
  11. J

    Schools Physics Major Curriculum After Physics C

    What courses in a physics major’s curriculum usually come after introductory calculus based mechanics and E&M?
  12. K

    Intro Physics Difference Between 3rd and 10th Editions of Halliday/Resnick?

    Hi, So I'm trying to self-study AP Physics C and found the first volume of Halliday/Resnick's Fundamentals of Physics on my parent's shelf, 3rd edition (from 1988). They also have the 2nd edition of University Physics, volume 2 (E&M). I do, however, have a copy online of the extended 10th...
  13. C

    RC Circuit with parallel resistor

    Homework Statement A circuit contains a capacitor of capacitance C, a power supply of emf E, two resistors of resistances R1 and R2 , and a switch S2 . Resistor R1 is in series with the power supply and R2 is in parallel with the capacitor and the power supply. S2 switches the branch that...
  14. S

    Apparent disagreement between Coulomb's Law and Gauss' Law

    This is probably my misunderstanding, so please clarify. In a region of empty space, there are two point charges with the charges+Q and -Q. Exactly in the middle of the two charges (distance r from both charges) is point P, colinear with the centers of both charges. A Gaussian surface that...
  15. C

    Finding the potential energy of a gravitational force?

    Sorry if something is wrong... this is my first ever post 1. Homework Statement The Question: In one dimension, the magnitude of the gravitational force of attraction between a particle of mass M1, and one of mass M2 is given by: F(r)=GM1M2/r^2 Where G is a constant and x is the distance...
  16. E

    Courses Where Can I Find Resources for Homeschooling AP Physics C?

    I have decided to go home schooled for my last two years of high school and I am trying to make a curriculum at the moment. Do any of you know a good resource for this? It has not been too hard to find a physics 1 or 2 course, but calculus based physics courses have been pretty sparse. So far I...
  17. A

    Projectile Motion problem involving air resistance

    Homework Statement Ok, so I am attempting to solve a projectile motion problem involving air resistance that requires me to find the total x-distance the projectile traverses before landing again. Given: \\ m=0.7\text{kg} \\ k=0.01 \frac{\text{kg}}{\text{m}} \\ \theta=30 \degree Homework...
  18. Isaac0427

    Courses Are Advanced Physics Courses in High School Beneficial for Getting into MIT?

    Hi, I know I have asked a similar question before but I now have more information. I have been communicating with the AP physics teacher at my high school. I have really been looking to challenge myself with science (which I can't do this year; I have a 100% in honors chemistry, a mostly 10th...
  19. S

    Testing What are the best online resources for AP Physics C?

    I was wondering if there were any good online resources for AP Physics C with notes, practice tests, etc.
  20. D

    Schools AP Physics C and College Introductory Physics

    Hi everyone, I want to know that if a five on Ap Physics C exam can replace college's two introductory physics courses. Also, what topic should I study after Physics C that helps me to be better off in college higher-level physics? Thank you.
  21. MegaAmpharos

    Courses Is taking AP Chem and both Physics C's a good idea?

    I got accepted into my states's residential high school and am going there next year for my junior and senior years. For my junior year I am doing: AP English Lang AP US History AP Calc BC AP Chemistry AP Physics C M and EM (combined) AP Comp Sci I am taking these courses to satisfy prereqs...
  22. RoboNerd

    Question on ap physics c 2012 free response

    Homework Statement The problem is attached in the file "selection(1).pdf" The explanations/solutions are attached in "selections.pdf" which is below [Problem image - added by moderator to make it visible in-thread] Looking at how they solved part C, I have no idea why they say that the...
  23. RoboNerd

    Question on AP Physics C FRQ 2013. #3

    Homework Statement http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/apcentral/ap13_frq_physics_c_mechanics.pdf The problem is above. It is number 3. The solutions are below: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/apcentral/ap13_physics_cm_scoring_guidelines.pdf Homework...
  24. RoboNerd

    Question on theory for solving 2015 AP Physics C Free Response Questions

    Homework Statement Here are the free response questions:[/B] https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap15_frq_physics_c-m.pdf Here are the solutions: https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap15_physics_cm_sg.pdf I do not understand how they solved a...
  25. S

    Where to Find Challenging Problems for AP Physics C?

    Hello, Currently, I attend one of the most difficult HS in America (magnet school, ranks in top 10; won't specify for privacy) and I am currently taking AP Physics C without any prior physics knowledge. I have the hardest teacher among them all (apparently taught at MIT before). His problems...
  26. J

    Self-study AP Physics C after taking IB Physics SL & Calc?

    I am a current High School senior intending on majoring in Physics in college. Last year I took IB Physics SL and got a 4 on the test but kept my head above water on all the unit tests. I'm currently taking AP Calculus BC and am doing very well. I have exhausted all other science classes in my...
  27. N

    How to do really well in Ap Physics C?

    So (this is my first thread by the way so sorry if it is in the wrong place) I am now a junior who has just started junior year (Last week). I am taking AP Physics C and AP Calc BC concurrently. I have always been pretty good at math and physics, but never amazing, just around mid to low A...
  28. M

    Should I take AP physics C with my current Situation?

    Hi. I've been pondering on this decision lately. I'm a Junior in high school and have been accepted to take AP physics C for senior year starting with my fall semester next school year. I really want to pursue a physics/ engineer related major, but here's the thing. I'm aware that AP physics C...
  29. E

    AP Physics C E&M RC circuit FRQ

    Homework Statement http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/repository/_ap06_frq_physicsc_em_51784.pdf Please please check out Q2 part (d) on this test Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I understand that before S2 is closed, current through the circuit is zero. As soon as S2 is...
  30. 1

    Uniform Circular Motion question

    1. The problem The answer is A. Homework Equations x = Acoswt y = Asinwt The Attempt at a Solution C is not correct because the x & y positions are in terms of sin & cos, so the acceleration can't be constant. D is not correct because x & y are oscillating in value. E is not correct because...
  31. 1

    How Does Planet X's Gravity Affect Rocket Escape Velocity?

    1. Problem A rocket has landed on Planet X, which has half the radius of Earth. An astronaut onboard the rocket weighs twice as much on Planet X as on Earth. If the escape velocity for the rocket taking off from Earth is v , then its escape velocity on Planet X is a) 2 v b) (√2)v c) v d) v/2 e)...
  32. 1

    Conservation of Angular Momentum & Energy question

    Question: A streetcar is freely coasting (no friction) around a large circular track. It is then switched to a small circular track. When coasting on the smaller circle its speed is: a) greater b) less c) unchanged Relevant Formulas: w = v/r KE = 1/2mv2 My teacher said the normal force from...
  33. icecubebeast

    Difference between AP physics 1 and AP physics C mechanics

    What are the difference between AP physics 1 and AP physics C mechanics exams? What are the main differences? If I already learned AP Physics 1 (kinematics, Newton's 3 laws of motion, torque, momentum, ucm, deformation of solids) and AP calculus AB, then should I take the AP Physics C...
  34. Ravenalia

    How Can I Get Help with Physics on the Physics Forums?

    Hiya, my name's Raven, and I have a lot of problems with physics. I often have trouble with (you guessed it) MASTERING PHYSICS! I used this site a number of times for homework help prior to joining (primarily because most other sites for physics help are blocked on my school computer), so I...
  35. S

    What is the Radius of Curvature for a Banked Curve with Ice on the Road?

    Homework Statement A civil engineer is asked to design a curved section of roadway that meets the following conditions: With ice on the road, when the coefficient of static friction between the road and rubber is 0.12, a car at rest must not slide into the ditch and a car traveling less than 70...
  36. D

    Ap physics c 2014 free response

    Homework Statement 2a) here: http://media.collegeboard.com/digitalServices/pdf/ap/ap14_frq_Physics_C-E-M.pdf Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Would the answer be: stays same -- increasing -- decreasing -- stays same? By Lentz's law, then right hand rule?
  37. D

    Ap physics c ampere's law and biot-savart

    For AP Physics C level, I am having trouble on deciding whether to use Ampere's Law or use Biot-Savart. Are there any hints/tricks for deciding what to use? For example, in solenoids i heard it's easiest to use Ampere's Law
  38. D

    Get Help for AP Physics C: Struggling Student Seeks Guidance for Future Success

    Warning: I am aware of my careless actions but please help me out Ok, I'm a Jr in highschol, I have a 3.7 GPA I've taken honors math and I'm taking ap calculus next year so I'm good with math. I haven't dealt with physics since about 7th grade and my experience with it wasn't that bad. I was...
  39. M

    Good Rotational Mechanics Resource for AP Physics C

    Hey, I've been struggling a little with rotational mechanics in my AP physics, any ideas for good resources to help? Thanks a lot in advance.
  40. P

    What is the best textbook to study off for the AP Physics C exam?

    I am a junior in high school who hasn't been exposed to any Physics class. I plan to take the exam the next school year since the exam is said to be very difficult. I really want to get a 5! Like I said, I will be self-studying for this exam as much as I need too, but I first need to read over...
  41. O

    AP Physics C Self-Study: Best Textbooks for Algebra & Calculus

    Hello, I am self studying to take the Ap Physics C test. I already know algebra based mechanics, although i DO NOT know calculus based. I have no knowledge on electricity. What textbook should i use?
  42. S

    AP Physics C E&M: Struggling with Homework Before Exam

    Homework Statement Could somebody help me on the problems given in the attachments? I know E&M well but these problems stumped me(In the RC Circuit I need help only on part (d) of the question). Tomorrow is my AP C E&M exam. I am too nervous about it. Based on how these problems stumped me, do...
  43. G

    AP Physics C lab involving incline planes featuring motion laws

    Homework Statement A dot on the floor with a diameter of 2cm. A table that is at a distance of 46cm horizontally from the center of said dot. The table is 90cm tall. The meat of the problem: A ping pong ball rolls off an incline plane (a wooden board) that is on top of the table. The...
  44. A

    Which AP Exams Should I Take for a Future in Engineering?

    Hi I'm an incoming junior in high-school and I am planning on self-studying for the AP Physics C/E&M and AP Computer Science exams since my school doesn't offer these courses. I am buying the Barrons review books but what other study materials do I need? I am also taking Physics B course in...
  45. C

    Studying Self Studying AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

    No, you didn't read the title wrong. I am really self studying a physics class. I just finished Mechanics (Physics I) and since I want to go to college to study physics to become an engineer or physicist. I need to take the next class, E&M (Physics II, Electricity and Magnetism). However, I...
  46. G

    How Can I Prepare for the AP Physics C Mechanics Exam in 3 Weeks?

    I am not currently taking a physics class but decided a few months ago that I would self study the AP Physics C Mechanics exam (not the E&M), however I have been procrastinating ever since. The exam is scheduled for the 14th of May, and I haven't even begun to study for it. Could anyone here...
  47. C

    2011 AP Physics C E&M frq #1 clarification

    Problem 1 on last year's normal (not form b) frq for e&m part a asked to use Gauss' law to prove essentially that at any point P within a thin spherical shell of charge density σ = q/A and radius r that the electric field at this ambiguous point P is zero. The solutions for this problem went...
  48. D

    How Do You Calculate Angle and Velocity in Particle Motion Analysis?

    Homework Statement the position "r" of a moving particle moving in an xy plane is given by r=(2.00(t^3) -5t)î+ (6.00-7.00(t^4) )j with r in meters and t in seconds. In unit notation calculate: A) R B) Velocity C) R when t is 25 seconds What is the able between the positive direction of the...
  49. L

    Where to find AP Physics C: Mechanics material?

    Where to find AP Physics C: Mechanics material? So I would like to write the AP Physics exam this year. Unfortunately, my school does not offer AP physics and therefore does not have any material I can look at. So I have gotten myself a textbook, sadly, it does not have much practice material...
  50. M

    Studying Will I be capable of self-studying for AP Physics C

    Hi, I will be dually enrolled at high school and a local state university next semester. I will be taking Calculus II, and have completed a basic algebra-based Physics course. Will I be capable of self-studying for the AP Physics C (both subjects) exam in May? Also, can you recommend any...