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Homework Help: How come when you reverse a diode the current/voltage? is zero?

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    Hi I have been looking through my book, and even online for the answer because I don't understand why this happens, but I can't find the proper answer anywhere...can someone help me? Thanks.
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    ok you will never need to know why its is the case until you do it as a job or do it at uni you do whoever have to recognise the graph odd but true.(Uk only)
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    Haha thanks but my teacher wants us to find out....and I read something like what wikipedia says but that is not the answer I'm suppose to have I already asked him :S.
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    if you are in the Uk get a copy of the sylabus and wave it in his face saying you dont need to know it sorry its my only anser.
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    Haha, no I'm not actually. I think he wants us to explain it in ENGLISH though, you know simply, because we haven't learned anything about P-N stuff yet...
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