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How do I convert a .pdf to a .ppt?

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    I've only been able to do it the other way around.
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    Thanks yo.
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    As all we know the PDF format is hindrance when it comes to importing into PowerPoint –the PDF format is set in stone unless you have Adobe’s expensive software to edit your own PDF files. I have heard about some PDF to PowerPoint Converter can work as Adobe, I just google your question, find it is. good luck !
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    You can covert your pdf files to ppt online. Its completely free. You can do this at the website free-pdftoppt. But however the file size must not exceed 10MB. It simple and easy to use.
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    I am a fan of the free online tools, however, the size limitations become a big problem sometimes.

    Do you know of any services that dont' limit the size or is that a browser limitation?
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    Is it ok a paid software for you. It converts a .pdf to .ppt at an affordable price and size of the file is unlimited too.
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