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Homework Help: How do I convert from kJ/kg to kJ/mol?

  1. Jul 29, 2015 #1
    I have researched that isobutanol has a heat of combustion of 35981 kJ/kg; however I need this to be in kJ/mol. From calculations, the molar mass of isobutanol was found to be 74g/mol. How would I go about in converting this?

    Relevant equations (?)

    But how can I use this?
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    What is the heat of combustion of one gram?

    35.981 kJ per gram
    You get 35.981 kJ when you burn one gram, and a mole is 74 grams.
    So wouldn't burning a mole just give you 74 times as much as burning one gram?

    What is 35.981 multiplied by 74?
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    Thanks! I get it now :)
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