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Homework Help: How do I convert words to equations?

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    My biggest handicap in chemistry at this moment is learning to convert written chemical reactions to an equation.

    Like here are some examples of questions I can't do-

    Potassium nitrate is heated to produce oxygen.

    I know that KNO3 --> O2 and that's about it

    Calcium is placed in water and produces calcium hydroxide

    I can only make out something like Ca + H2O --> Ca(OH)2, probably wrong tho cause can't even balance the oxygens

    Dilute sulfuric acid is added to magnesium, hydrogen gas is produced

    H2SO4 + Mg --> H2 is what I can make out, my guess was H2SO4 + Mg--> H2 + MgSO4?

    Sodium Hydroxide is added to a solution containing H2SO4

    How do I know what it produced with the information given? considering I only learned about types of reactions not long ago

    Manganese dioxide reacts with concentrated hydrochloric acid to produce manganese 2 chloride, chlorine gas and water

    My stab at it was MgO2 + HCl --> Mg2Cl + Cl2 + H20?
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    #4 you have ample information, think about what sodium hydroxide is and what happens when its added to H2SO4 just think about what is on each end of the pH scale
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    Don't feel alone.

    That's a good start. Other product in similar potassium salt of similar acid containing nitrogen and oxygen...

    Calcium hydroxide is not the only product of this reaction. The other one is explosive gas.

    Very good.

    Acid and base - products are salt and water.

    Not bad, but manganese is not Mg.

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