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How do I generate formulas with formular language

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    as the topic, just want ask what software does that sort of things.

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    Generate formula's with formal language? I've never heard of such software. As far as I know it would be too difficult to translate some statement into algebra. I've heard of voice-command programs where you can speak simple statements such as "What is one plus one" and it will spit back the answer, but nothing complex. The same goes for software. A program might be able to translate "one plus one" into "1+1", but nothing complex. It would be too much work to create a program software to translate English into math, the user would have to be very precise in how he types a sentence into the software, or the software would have to be very flexible. So basically you would need to know how the software works in order to use it. Which kind of defeats the purpose? Translating English statements into math just comes with time and practice. I've always found translating math into English more challenging! ;)

    If there were software like that, I could see good usage for it but not for practical industrial usage.
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    I am just think if it is possible to have a program that does for example:
    I put down
    p=\frac{F}{A}\\mbox{or}\p=\frac{dF}{dA}\\mbox{or}\p=f/a and ask the program to generate c7a1530b107ecf841c050056e7dea6bd.png
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    You mean LaTeX?
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    Thank you
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