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Homework Help: How do I perform these functions without using a calculator?

  1. Apr 3, 2009 #1
    Anyone know of books or websites that teach one how to find square roots, cube roots, sin, cosine, e, ln, pi and so forth without using a calculator because this stuff is not taught in schools, but instead is simply calculated with calculators which is not what I like considering taking things for advantage is never wise.
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    That's a method of computing square roots by hand.

    That's a method of computing cube roots by hand.

    http://www.uconn.edu/~cdavid/latex2html/mathreview/node18.html [Broken]
    Sine, cosine, e, and ln can all be approximated (albeit not with ease) using series approximations. (as well as Pi, but it's not fun)

    That's for numerical approximations of pi, have fun!
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    you could use a slide rule.
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    Or crayons and a ruler.
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    My preferred method
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    Right, they won't let me have sharp things like pencils.
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