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Testing How do I prove my AI idea at University if I cannot make it?

  1. Oct 16, 2015 #1
    Hi, so, I have this AI creation I want to make, which, like some experiments i.e. the LHC/ect it is either too big, too nano, too much, too code-wanting, to make, and I can't and won't be making my AI invention, or more precisely, I won't be coding it up or connecting the camera gizmos ect. Therefore, I look to going to University, where I hope, (and want to know), if I can have people there (or hire people) to build it with me. ? I need my AI creation made and coded up. I know I may have to pay & prove my idea. Now, the main question here, is, if they will build it, how do I prove it? Does my proof/animation I have have to be enough or in a spreadsheet paper of some sort? Help.
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    This is delightful, but I think people need a little more clarification before they can answer that question. What sort of thing is it?
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