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How do I write an integral from a to b in latex?

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    As the title suggests, I can only see how to write an integral like:


    But how would I write an integral like the following?

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    Put a subscript and a superscript on the \int, e.g. \int_{a}^{b}
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    Oh, argh! Why didn't I think of that? Anyway, thanks :)
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    Also, if you see an example of what you want to do, just right click on it and select to show math as Tex commands to see the code. You can copy/paste from that.
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    how do i make the size and font look like that iwth latex? is that latex or a link to an image?
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    It's just an image.
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    Here's the actual LaTeX for phosgene's two integrals:

    $$F = \int {f(x) dx}$$

    $$\int_a^b {f(x) dx}$$

    The right-click trick should work on those. Or control-click if you're using a Mac, like I am.
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    As long as the subscripts/superscripts are single characters, as in the above, you can omit the braces around the sub-/superscript. The following will render exactly the same:

    When there are two or more characters (e.g. 2x, -3, etc.) you need the braces around the entire expression, as in this example:
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    mine looks smaller for some reason.

    [itex]\int_a^b {f(x) dx}[/itex]
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    tex [tex] \int_a^b {f(x) dx}[/tex]

    itex [itex] \int_a^b {f(x) dx}[/itex]

    itex with \displaystyle [itex] \displaystyle\int_a^b {f(x) dx}[/itex]
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