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How do TN and IPS LCDs produce grays?

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    I have the general idea of how these work when they're on or off, but I'm less clear about what's going on when they're only receiving partial voltages on the level of the liquid crystals.

    For a TN cell, are some sections completing the 90 degree turn while others have crystals oriented to be perpendicular to the screen? For an IPS cell, are the liquid crystals being angled at say 30, 60 or 80 degrees on their way to 90 degrees? Or is there variation and it all just averages out to a decreased brightness?
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    I'm not sure about this particular application, but many use PWM control to make it APPEAR gray to the human eye by turning on and off very quickly.

    Anyhow, Welcome to PF, and maybe someone else will have specific information :)
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