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How do universities work - Places and attendance

  1. Nov 24, 2009 #1
    I got into a chemistry course in university as a mature student and I'm blessed because I love the course and I'm doing well in it. What I'm wondering is if your in are you in for good as in if you fail an exam or module do you get to repeat for sure or can they throw you out to make room for new students? I'm in Ireland by the way. The reason I'm wondering about this is because my maths isn't the best so I'm wondering what happens if I fail the module. Do I get to repeat it?
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    At my former school you could fail a course and get to repeat it, but if you failed too many and had very poor marks you could get kicked out (you were usually put on academic probation, which is what happened to a friend who failed 4 out of 5 courses). You should check with your school - perhaps they have information online or you can see your facility for the information - as this information differs between schools and programs.
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    Doesn't your university have its academic regulations on its web site or printed in its course catalog (or whatever they call it in Ireland)?

    Where I teach (a college in the USA) a student can repeat a course twice (i.e. take it a total of three times). I actually once had a physics major take my second-year intro modern physics course three times, finally passing it the third time. (whew)

    But this sort of rule is likely to vary from one place to another... so check your university's official sources!
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    Thanks for the info. Academic regulations thats the word(s) I was looking for. If I failed a module once thered be no way I'd fail it a second time because I am making progress but I find it hard to keep up with the pace of the maths class. We had a small exam already and I got 20%. Not a good start. If I took that exam again I'd get 100% though.
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