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Homework Help: How do you convert BTU/lbF into J/kgK?

  1. Sep 10, 2015 #1
    I know 1BTU = 1055J
    1lb = 1/2.2046 kg
    1 F = 255.928 K

    then 1 BTU/lbF should be 1055/(1.2046)*255.928. But I get 9 plugging this in
    the value is suppose to be 4186 J/kgK. this is the specific heat of water
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    You've made a goofy mistake here. You're confusing a 1 degree F temperature difference with a temperature of 1° F.

    On the Fahrenheit scale, there are 180 degrees separating the F.P. of water and its B.P. On the Kelvin scale, there are 100 degrees between the same two temperatures.
    Thus, a temperature difference of 1°F = a temperature difference of 100 / 180 = 5/9 °K.

    Try again to make your conversion.
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    hey it works!
    thanks. ive been confusing it with the temperature Fahrenheit the whole time ...
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