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How do you make a partical excelarator that uses negitive ions?

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    Im trying to make a partical excelerator for school using - ions but i cant find any b prints or any one who can help me. if any one can help or find some one that could at least explane some of it to me, it would be much appreceated
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    The biggest problem with accelerating negative ions is preventing stripping the excess electron off the ion during acceleration. It is possible to attach two electrons to a proton, creating an H-minus ion. There are ion sources designed specifically to generate H-minus ions. The best example of accelerating H-minus ions is the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS, www.SNS.gov[/URL]) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. These ions are accelerated to nearly 1000 MeV before both electros are stripped off.
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