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How do you share an idea while being protected?

  1. Jun 8, 2014 #1
    If you are not a scientist and do not have a lab yet you want to share a great idea with the world but you would like to be protected how do you do so?
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    Why do you have to be protected to share ideas? All the humans have their right to express their own ideas no matter what. but yes,your idea should be consistent with other's beliefs in order to get little/no criticism.
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    ... It's this feeling of being an adult minded ( possessive feeling that's speaks )
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    This makes no sense. You want to share, but you want to be "protected"? Protected from what?

    Scientists share their ideas and discoveries by publishing in peer-reviewed journals. That is how they "protect" (if you can call it that) such work because it has a time/date stamp when the paper is published. This is often how the credit for being the first to do such-and-such is usually established. This has been how it has been done for many years.

    Otherwise, I have no clue what other forms of "protection" that you are seeking here.

    BTW, many of my warning bells usually go off when someone who is "not a scientist", but yet, already thinks that he/she has a "great idea" that he/she wants to "share" with the world. Just for your information, "greatness" is usually conferred by others. One does not proclaim one's own greatness, at least not in science, unless one is awfully conceited.

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