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How does a magnet create its magnetic field.?

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    how does a magnet create its magnetic field.??

    we know, magnetic field is a consequence of velocity attained by a charge..In case of magnet(naturally formed) how do they have magnetic field around them..If it is due to velocity of electrons in it,then all particles should have magnetic field to a certain extent..can't there be any particles naturally which exhibit electric field similar to magnetic field.?!
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    Re: how does a magnet create its magnetic field.??

    The electrons that "orbit" atoms can be considered current.

    The circular current generates a magnetic field, depending on the orientation of it's orbit.

    But since atoms and electrons are pretty random, each one of these magnetic fields cancel each other out. That's because all the electrons are "aligned" differently.

    When you take a ferromagnetic material like iron and expose it to a strong uniform magnetic field, all the electrons become "aligned" so that their produced magnetic field, instead of canceling each other out, now face the same direction.
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    Re: how does a magnet create its magnetic field.??

    Electrons have a magnetic field from their intrinsic spin and can also develop a magnetic field from their orbital angular momentum as well. These fields can align with each other in certain materials such as Iron, and add up to produce a macroscopic magnetic field that we see in everyday magnets. Most materials are not magnetic and the electrons simply cannot align their magnetic fields properly because of how they are situated in their orbitals.
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    Re: how does a magnet create its magnetic field.??

    you can picture a maget as made up of current loops,this a very classical picture.But it is really good ,if you don't get too far with it.otherwise there will not be any paramagnetism or diamagnetism.Correct explanation can only come from quantum mechanics in which an electron has an intrinsic spin.
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