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How does bleach work as a decontaminant?

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    I understand that bleach is NaClO. I also understand that Cl and O are very reactive, but how does any of this play into bleach being a good decontaminant?
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    The chlorine and oxygen in the bleach kills germs by breaking down cell walls and oxidizing the cell material.
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    Thanks for the reply! I've researched it a little, and I understand that ClO- is very unstable making it a good oxidizing agent. And in water bleach ionizes into Na+ and ClO-. So I guess the ClO- just wants to react with anything it can. In this case it's bacteria, but what makes bleach better or worse even than any other good oxidizing agent?
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    It is cheap and easy to prepare, doesn't leave toxic waste after being used (just some NaCl), is stable if stored correctly. You don't need much more.
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    Aaahh. Thanks for the replies.
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