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How does physics relate to water pollution?

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    How does physics relate to water pollution?

    Would this include the movement of ocean currents or sedimentation in water?
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    Any other ideas?
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    Um ok, can you explain further then?
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    It's your homework, you need to do the explaining.

    What kind of sciences might be involved? Organic chemistry? Inorganic chemistry? Fluid dynamics?
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    well i'm supposed to be looking strictly at the physics aspect...that's where i'm confused.
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    would tides somehow affect water pollution?
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    I'm sure that somehow, somewhere, the tides are affecting water pollution.
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    Do a search on the following

    Marine mass transport
    Ocean flushing times
    Coastal erosion
    D'Arcy's Law
    Fick's Law
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    Many years ago,as a student I spent six months working in the water pollution research laboratory here in the UK.The place was dominated by biologists and chemists but there was a small physics department where I worked.At that time the main work of the department was to develop,install and on site test new instrumentation primarily to measure and record dissolved oxygen and temperature levels.On average I was on site for half the week either by the sea or a river or a sewerage works.A wonderful job.
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