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How far apart are these graduations?

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    A certain graduated cylinder has an inside diameter of 4cm.
    The graduations on its side are labeled "cc" (cubic centimeters).
    1. How far apart are these graduations?
    2. The cylinder is partially filled with water, and a solid sphere of radius 1.2 cm is then totally submerged therein. Through what distance does the water level rise when the sphere is so immersed?
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    Re: Volume

    Is this correct?
    1. Find the height of a cylinder whose radius is 2 cm and whose volume is 1.00 cm^3.

    V = pi*r^2*h
    h = V/(pi*r^2) = 1/
    h = 0.0796 cm

    The graduations would be 0.0796 cm apart

    2. Find the height of a cylinder of radius 2 which has a volume equal to that of the sphere.

    Using R = radius of sphere = 1.2 cm
    V(sphere) = (4/3)pi*R^3 = 7.238229474 cm^3

    V(sphere) = volume of cylinder = pi*r^2*h
    h = V(sphere)/(pi*r^2) = 0.576 cm

    So the level of water would rise by 0.576 cm
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    Re: Volume

    That all looks right to me...

    12.566 == area of 4cm diameter circle
    0.0795 == height to contain 1cc volume
    7.238 == volume of 1.2cm radius sphere
    0.576 == height to contain 7.238cc volume
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    Re: Volume

    Nice bit of homework?
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