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Homework Help: How far from the table does the block hit the floor?

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    A 0.015-kg bullet traveling horizontally at 399.9 m/s strikes a 4.1-kg block of wood sitting at the edge of a table. The bullet is lodged into the wood. If the table height is 1.2 m, how far from the table does the block hit the floor?

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    A hockey puck moving along the +x axis at 0.5 m/s collides into another puck that is at rest. The pucks have equal mass. The first puck is deflected 37degrees below the +x axis and moves off at 0.36 m/s. Find the speed and direction of the second puck after the collision.

    _______________speed: m/s

    direction [please use positive for counterclockwise (above the +x axis) and negative for clockwise (below the +x axis)]:
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    Hey rugbygirl. Welcome to PF!

    We want to try to help you understand your homework, not just do it for you. Please show any relevant formulas to your problem and the work you have done on it.
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    Vx = (first bold) - (second bold)*(cos(angle))
    Vy = 0 - (second bold)*(sin(angle))
    Vx^2 + Vy^2 = Vf^2
    Take sq rt of Vx^2 + Vy^2....... I keep getting .255

    Part b
    tan(angle) = Vy/Vx
    do inverse tan in calculator..... this gives u the angle.... and it will be pos.
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