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How high air pressures can a human survive?

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    Does anyone know what is the maximum pressure in which a human body
    can function? And how does air pressure affect the minimum breathing frequency?
    I suppose increased pressure would allow a person to hold breath longer. For example:
    a scuba diver or a person in a diving bell 50m bellow water surface would breathe air that
    is about 6 times denser than above surface. If that air had normal oxygen share would it
    allow the person to hold breat 6 times as long as above the surface?
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    The deepest commercial diving is about 700m
    I think somebody did an experimental dry chamber dive of 3500ft but I can't find the details

    The difficulty is that oxygen becomes toxic at high pressures - so as you go deeper you need to lower the percentage of Oxygen.
    At 700m you have < %1 O2, since you cant breath this at sea level you have to continually adjust the gas mix as you go deeper.
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