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How is it called? (the window pane blackboard )

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    How is it called? (the "window pane blackboard")

    Hello everyone, that's one terrible flat question I'm asking here, but do you know what is this super stylish blackboard that isn't black but transparent, exactly like a grand window pane? Any movie with some science in it has it. They write on it with white pens. I'm looking forward to buy one, it'd be fun to have one home. Thanks to you.
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    Oh House wrote on one of those for awhile lol! But I don't know what they are called sorry
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    We used them in the Navy - it is just a back-lit plexiglass sandwich that you write on with a grease pencil. You could make one yourself without too much trouble.
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    Thank you for your response (I know my reply is a bit out of sync), I'll definitely make one myself.
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    I always wonder how you clean it. Grease pencil?
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    You could just use window panes too, and dry erase markers.

    Can you write on plexiglass with dry erase markers, or would it damage it?
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