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How is proper acceleration defined?

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    If we are accelerating in a uniform grav field, we are unable to feel it.

    In that case, are we still considered as undergoing proper acceleration? Will we follow a hyperbolic path?
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    Hi OMFG Clown
    No, in this case acceleration is defined by forces acting on the body. Measurable by an accelerometer. Free falling in a g field would have a null reading ,,no force.
    There is still coordinate acceleration as measured by external frames. As charted in at least some of those frames it would be a hyperbolic path.
    So your motion would be inertial , not accelerated.
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    I can't get my head around that just because we can't measure it, we consider it inertial.


    Funny that you're replying to a banned clown.

    I have a funny feeling that I'm gonna be banned pretty soon too.
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