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How is the freezer part of a refrigerator is more cooler than the other parts?

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    please explain me..
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    Both freezers and fridges work on a 'refrigeration cycle' http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Refrigeration_cycle.

    A working fluid (refrigirant) vapour is compressed so it heats up, it then passes through an condenser to cool it down to a liquid. This is then throttled, it's pressure is lowered, which drops the temperature. It's then passed through the fridge to cool the air inside.

    The key to why a freezer is colder than a refrigirator is that the working fluid is throttled through an expansion valve to a lower temperature.


    A summary. The fuild inside the fridge freezer plumbing cools when expanded. In the freezer it is expanded more to allow it to drop to a lower temperature.

    In combined fridge freezers that run off 1 system. Two throttles are used, one that goes to the fridge and the other goes to the freeezer.
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