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How long have Homo-Sapiens walked the Earth?

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    How long has people as Homo-Sapiens existed? I would imagine that there is no way to pinpoint an exact time due to the subject's pre-historical nature. What do Archaeologists say about when the first Homo-Sapien was born? When was the very first civilization established, and where?
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    Genetic rather than archeological evidence seems to dominate now. The figure is usualy given at c. 200 000 years for Homo Sapiens and that includes Homo Sapiens Idaltu.
    As for 'civilisation', the neolithic revolution is usualy given at about 10 000 years ago or just a bit later, that is the begining of permenant settlements so far as I know.
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    If you are asking when did language develop then my theory is that hominids stood upright in order to use their hands for sign language.
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