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How many pages can you read for free on google books?

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    How many pages can you read for free on a book thats on googlebooks? I mean how do they determine this, is it like a certain percentage of the book, then you have to buy it? How does it work? thanks
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    Answer: I don't know how many pages they let you view, but I do know that they always throw me in a few pages early and cut me off at the page I wanted to view. :frown:
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    yup that happened to me too... there must be some set rule for this though, but it seems to vary from book to book (unless its based on how you click within the book?) I already looked around for an answer on google forums but cant find answer btw..
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    Each book is different.
    I think it depends on the author / publisher how many pages they allow.
    As axmls already said, there seems to be a telepathic robot on the page which forbids you to read the pages that you are interested in :-/
    But not always, sometimes I was lucky and got what I was looking for.
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    Sometimes I look at a book that shows some pages on Google Books. The next day or a few days later, I look and I can now see other pages (but some pages I could view previously don't show). I don't think there is any percentage of a book Google allows one to view for free, but you could always ask them.
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    Yeah, that is annoying and has happened to me a few times. But as I posted #5 a few moments ago, sometimes looking at the book later I managed to view the page I wanted.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    When you do a search for something that is in the contents of some book, Google of course knows what you are looking for. They quite deliberately make sure that you can't access all of the pages you need. The purpose of Google Books is to tease you so that you go buy a book (or at least go to a library that has bought the book).
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