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How much force is needed for Super Jump Shoes ?

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    How much force is needed for "Super Jump Shoes"?

    My goal is to build a pair of super jump shoes. The road may be tough, but I like things to be tough.

    I was wondering how much force i would need for them to hit the ground to make at least a 180lbs/80kg person jump at least 1 foot in the air.

    Here are some ideas i had on making these shoes, and i was wondering if any of them would work:

    1) there would be a compressed air tank somewhere on the person using the shoes. There would be a pneumatic cylinder fueled by the tank, which would strike the ground. The torque/speed could be adjusted with hydraulic cylinders.

    2) Using a potato cannon, except it would fire a stick and it would shoot at the ground, or some other way of using explosves.


    Also, i was wondering if the person sat on a leaf-blower hovercraft, if it would require less force to lift the person?

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    Re: How much force is needed for "Super Jump Shoes"?

    Um, wouldn't the explosives ruin the shoes? They'd need to be heavy enough to sustain such damage, but they need to be light enough to jump easily and comfortably... And what about control? How would the person trigger these shoes?
    Sounds like it wouldn't work, dude.
    And, they call "super jump shoes" moon shoes. :wink:
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    Re: How much force is needed for "Super Jump Shoes"?

    Well, i just wont use explosives then. And right now i am not worried about the controls, the only thing i want to get working is the jumping part. If i get the jumping part to work, then i will worry about the controls.
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    Re: How much force is needed for "Super Jump Shoes"?

    What would be the maximum jump height of the shoes? After a certain height, the re-impact with the ground could be dangerous. Maybe you should consider some type of reentry module. It is a classic idea but keep at it!
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