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B How much force was applied by the horse?

  1. Sep 30, 2016 #1

    So the horse kicked the chubby guy, he was lifted off the ground, flew, and hit the parked car. Let's assume:

    1. the chubby man was 220 lbs (roughly 100Kgs),
    2. the distance he "traveled" was 15 ft (roughly 5M).
    3. Time it took the guy to hit the van after being kicked by the horse of 1 sec.
    4. Being a draft horse, it may weight about 1800 lbs, plus the officer, so about 2000lbs (900Kgs)
    How much force was the horse's kick? Notice how the van shook upon impact but the horse hard moved when it kicked.
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    It looks fake to me. So I will say 0 N.
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    It was from a movie, so yes, fake. But let's assume it did happen. How much force would be needed?
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    Force by itself is not a very good parameter for a blow or collision. It is easier to quantify the impulse (force integrated over time) or work (force integrated over distance) that were applied to the man by the blow. Either one can be determined based on the man's mass and the velocity resulting from the blow.

    If you must know the force you can then divide momentum by time or energy by distance to get the associated time-weighted or distance-weighted average force.
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