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How much math would be involved in chemical engineering?

  1. Dec 2, 2015 #1
    I am looking into different engineering fields I am only 12 but taking all high school classes and I need to know which career I'm interested in which I've been interested in engineering since I was 5. I want something that requires a lot of math but not electrical engineering...
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    If you're interested in a lot of math then why not think about being a mathematician?

    Some of the math you'll need beyond highschool algebra, geometry and advanced algebra are: Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra and in some fields Probability and Statistics.

    You can learn more about these at Khan's Academy website or at mathispower4u.com website. Both have a large collection of math videos on these subjects.
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    Pretty much all engineering undergrads take similar math courses, regardless of what their final engineering specialization might be.

    Typically, engineering undergrads take at least 3 semesters of courses in calculus, 1 semester of differential equations, 1 semester of numerical analysis, 1 semester of probability & statistics. Additional math courses may be required for a particular engineering specialization.

    When you get older, you can always search the websites of different colleges and universities which have schools of engineering to find which courses are required to obtain a degree and which may be taken optionally as electives.
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    As a retired industry ChE with many years of practical experience, I can tell you that a considerable amount of math is required to attack ChE problems. I'm not going to mention the various mathematical disciplines necessary, because, as a 12 year old, you would not be able to relate to them anyway.

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