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Studying How much time did you put into Grad School Apps/GRE studying?

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    I'm heading into my first semester as a senior physics major, and I'm still deciding how many courses I should take.

    I started studying for the physics GRE today and I plan on taking it, along with the General GRE, in October. Most of my graduate school applications appear to be due on January first, so I'd probably want to essentially finish them before my finals period. I haven't even decided what type of graduate program I want to apply to yet.

    I hate the idea of taking an easy courseload this semester because, as a senior, I can get into so many courses that sound amazingly awesome.

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    Sounds like you should start there.
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    I realize this. I'm looking into several possibilities. Still, I'm assuming that the application process will take the same amount of time no matter which field I choose to go into, so I would think that my above questions are still valid.

    Maybe not. Are engineering graduate schools impressed by physics GRE scores?
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    30-40 days of studying for GRE, studying after work for about 2 hours. The longest part was researching grad schools, their programs, professors, and then researching and reading a little bit about each professor's research.
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