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Courses How much time do math courses take in US/other countries?

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    I had a discussion with a classmate of mine of how troubling it is with each math course we had so far. In Sweden where I study, math courses are either in the category "50% speed" or "100% speed". The first one takes 2 months so it is thought as to study 4 hours per day and the second takes 1 month and is thought as to study 8 hours per day.
    At the moment I take Linear Algebra and I find it really hard to understand everything following this scheme so I find me forced every time there is a math-course period to have zero active life and just sit home or at library and study. But still I don't grasp everything and I still have to be moving on so I am not left behind the others.

    How do the schemes for math courses look in US and other countries? Is it the same or is there more extended time for the greater Universities like MIT and Berkeley? Or is it just that the students plain simple are smarter?
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    In the US one takes 4 or 5 classes at once, each lasting 10-14 weeks. Studying 8+ hours per week per class is typical, so it works out to a similar time per day, although spread out amongst different classes.
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