How often do you wash your clothes?

  1. Evo

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    I was amazed when I saw this article that said that you should wear pants and shirts/blouses 4-5 times before washing. :eek:

    I would *never* consider that with clothes I wear to work. Clothes pick up smells, it's not a matter of do they look dirty. After work each day, my clothes go into the dirty clothes hamper. The exception is a suit jacket which I will wear several times before sending to the dry cleaners.

    So, how often do you wash work/school clothes? Do you agree with this article? Maybe I'm odd.
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  3. lisab

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    Yuck :yuck:! I wash nearly every item after being worn once. Exceptions: jackets, pajamas (no explanation for that, really :uhh:), and bath towels (I get a two or three uses out of them).

    Maybe women have a more sensitive sense of smell, but it can't be a coincidence that the people at my work who don't wash their clothes often are all male. And I know who they are. From maybe 2 meters away, sometimes.
  4. Shirts (on delicate), underwear, socks, undershirts are all washed between wearing. Some shirts I can get away with wearing twice but usually the neck is too stretched out so that only happens in laundry emergencies.

    Shirts never get dried, the rest of the stuff does.

    Now jeans...I'll wear those 4-5 times between washing. Don't want to wear those out prematurely. Too expensive. :)

    Edit: after seeing lisab's post there is an exception to the jeans - if they smell I'll wash them.
  5. shirts wear once, jeans can go twice
  6. Um... I think I wear my jeans more than 5 times before washing >.>
    T-shirts for like 2-3 times, except when I know they're stinking. <.<
    I never got complaints (or those faces) with it. One instance - Once I went to get some documents for me and my roomie from the Uni office (my roomie had been there an hour ago, but documents weren't ready), the staffer told me to ask my roomie to take a bath. Fact - he took a bath day before, I a week before (those were the days)
  7. Jeans - a few times*.
    Shirts - once.
    Trousers - once.
    Underwear - once.
    T-shirts - a few times*.
    Tracksuit bottoms - a few times*.

    * Assuming I don't do anything that causes me to sweat or I don't go somewhere where they pick up a smell.

    Of course, if I do something that gets them dirty it's straight in the wash.

    Can't stand feeling dirty. I like getting out of the shower and into a nice fresh set of clothes - feels good!
  8. Pengwuino

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    Super gross. I only wear stuff once, maybe a second time if I dont plan on going anywhere the second day (underwear excluded). I never wash my jacket though... which I really should (or well, more often).
  9. lisab

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    Speaking of picking up smells - I went to a health food store today (best kale around!) and now I smell like patchouli.

    A secondary question, since we're on the subject: how often you you wash your sheets?

    I do mine once a week, and the mattress pad about once a month. If I slack off and don't wash them as often, my allergies go nuts.
  10. Sheets once a week - feel dirty if I don't. Just cant lay still if I think they are dirty.
  11. Evo

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    Yep, sheets once a week.
  12. turbo

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    Sheets at least once a week, jeans more often, and shirts about every 2 days at most. sweatshirts can go about twice as long as the T-shirts, as long as I am doing very little. Catch me in planting season, and everything goes in the wash every day, with no question.
  13. Evo

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    There is a difference between clothes worn at home and work/school clothes that you wear and get very close to other people. I may wear a pair of jeans a few times at home, but will change into clean ones if I go out.
  14. Dembadon

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    I'll admit, I'm a bit weird about my clothing. I'm borderline obsessed with clean-smelling clothes. I'll go so far as to wash clothes that no longer smell like detergent even if they haven't been worn. :redface:

    I'm usually not a wasteful person, but when it comes to the "clean" smell on my clothes, I'm guilty of unnecessary waste.
  15. I have quite a strict washing schedule, I like cleanliness.

    Informal shirts: Once.
    Formal shirts: Depends on the frequency at which I wear them, if often, then once.
    Jeans: 3 times.
    Underwear: Once.
    Socks: Once.
    Pajamas: 3 times.

    Sheets: washed once a week.

    Over the course of 8 months in dorms, I put probably $100 into the laundry machines.
  16. Borek

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    What do you mean "washing"? And "dirty"? I thought the only reason to not wear something is when it falls apart.
  17. I haven't washed my clothes in over twenty years.



    I love my wife. She didn't like the way I did it, so she took over the job. :)
    Once a week it all gets done.

    My part of the load would be:
    Two pair of jeans, 5 shirts, 5 undies, 5 pairs of socks.
    One bathrobe every second week. I wear it all weekend If I can get away with it.
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  18. russ_watters

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    If I wear a t-shirt under a dress shirt, I'll wear a dress shirt twice before washing it. I have hooks on my door and hangers to keep a handful of once-worn shirts. The pants: 3-5 days.

    For non-work stuff, I might wear the same sweat-shirt around the house for a week (again, if I wear a t-shirt under it), but it depends on what I'm doing.
  19. With a couple of exceptions, every piece of clothing gets washed after I wear it.

    A suit is one exception, because I travel for a living, and typically have to wear it more than once while out on the road. Of course, I carry spares (dress pants, etc.), in case something were to get spilled on it. A light jacket or heavy coat would be another exception.

    Of course, clothes can pickup odors from cigarette smoke, etc., and that would require a good cleaning as soon as possible. :yuck:
  20. Astronuc

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    I wear undershirts, which get worn once and then tossed in the laundry hamper. I might wear a shirt twice, usually in cold weather, but normally when I'm out in public or meeting with others, I'd wear a fresh clean shirt.

    On the weekends, I'd wear T-shirt Sat and Sun, and unless I do yard work and get hot and sweaty.

    Pants I would wear twice, or maybe three times, unless I get hot and sweaty.
  21. I wear a uniform for work. Two pairs of pants and two shirts is all I have and I usually only do one load of laundry a week. I wear a shirt under my work shirt though and only wear tshirts and underwear once. The rest of my wardrobe lately has actually been rather nonexistent. I only have two pairs of nonwork pants left. They get worn once or twice before laundry day depending but I usually only wear them for the few hours I am actually out on my days off and then change to sweats or shorts as soon as I get home.

    sox once
    underwear once
    shirts that touch my skin once
    shirts that don't touch my skin twice/thrice
    pants twice/thrice depending

    I do wish I had more uniform bits though as I generally am glad that I do not interact with others much by the end of the week.

    edit: actually I do have a couple clothing items that I wear only at home and wear them several times between washes. Thankfully I have no wife or girlfriend to be bothered by my "I've worn these all week" scent.
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