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How open is the Engineering industry?

  1. Mar 25, 2008 #1
    I was discussing with my friend the topic of the Engineering industry and its openeness with regards to lesbian/gay people in the work place? She claims that it wouldn't be open as other industries, say business related or something, but wouldn't where you live depend also, as well as the Engineering discipline? I know someone wouldn't reveal something personal as that in the work place, but what if it came to it, would the Engineering work place be a 'tolerant' one?
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    Engineering is by nature more conservative than many occupations, but if she's a good engineer, who cares about her sex life? It's a good idea not to talk too much personal stuff at work in any situation.
  4. Mar 25, 2008 #3
    I used to work for a small engineering firm that had a few lesbian/gay people and everybody was very accepting. Then again, most of the employees were pretty young and it is in New York City.
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