Physics engineering Or Applied Physics? ....theoretical?

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Hey there.
I am going to stay the University next year and I want to know what do you think about the three options I have actually.

I really like science, and I like to know about the process of the nature, how it is defined by math and by the physical processes. It is my passion I, in the other hand, I like to make things to do something, for example some dispositives and I know that science is not that away from things like these. It is why I am thinking about a bachelor of science.

I am really interested in Physics Engineering because it sounds great, and all the contents in Optoelectronic devices are such a magnificent thing for me (One guy told me that It is posible to get a degree in Theoretical if you want, even if you have studied Physics engineering, and that is great) , that I want to make some experiments and use technology, and that is good for my chance to get a job in other areas like industry, tech or something like this. It is said that the applied physics is like this but I have heard from people that is studying the A.P career that most of the people who is in the bachelor at the end, almost never find a place where to work (like Industry or something else, even I heard from a Ph.D in Optics that when she wanted to get a job in an industry, while she was just a Master, the people there said that she was over-qualified).

I have to say, I am in MEXICO , and there are not a lot of well paid job opportunitties for physicists, even it is not easy to find a place where to work in the area that you decide (I have one friend that is an investigator in Quantum in one university "A" , he was just for a period of time, but he could get a job in another area that could give him an investigator job for undefined time, and he had to accept to change to the other University "B" for the reason to get an stable job.)

Anyways, when I think about Theoretical Physics, I am afraid about just having chance to work making investigation for Universities or something, and that is good if you are interested about that amazing areas like Quantum,Astrophysics,where the Universities are most prepared places for that.

I mean, it is really interesting, but I would not like to work in that areas, I would like to work with most common areas, like Electronics, Optics, Optoelectronics, Optical design, technology areas.

That areas where the ones that made me to choose this area from all the different careers.
I have a passion about optics, and I would like to study something to can design the lenses inside the Reflex cameras.

What would you recommend me?

Physics engineering or Applied physics? Or the Theoretical? what is the real difference between the three careers?
I am thinking about the Physics engineering, but I am afraid that in the future, it won´t help me to get an schoolarship to study the optical design that I want, anyways. I am not sure at all.

Thanks for your advise, and sorry for making you to read soo much text.
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I strongly recommend that you dig a bit more into what real opportunities lie ahead of you. I can't begin to estimate the job market in Mexico, but I'm sure that there are those there who can do better. Ask questions of people there. It sounds to me like you really do not yet know what you want, so I think clarification there is the first order of business.

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