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How popular is PCTRAN in the industry?

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    is it a widely used tool for reactor analysis. And does anyone know of where I can find a usermanual? I am looking to teach myself since my school is buying the program and I will have to setup a ssimple simulation by the end of the semester.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have personally not used it, but I know that AREVA uses RELAP for their coupled Point-Reactor Kinetics to Thermal-Hydraulics analysis.

    Just from quick inspection on their website, PCTRAN appears to be more useful to operators or managers. Any engineering alterations to the model itself (e.g. the NSSS) would require coding changes via VB, which is a rather niche language given the dominance of FORTRAN in the industry.

    In short, I wouldn't consider this a useful reactor analysis tool for the nuclear engineer. Look into lattice codes.
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    Why not contact Micro-simulation Technology with a request.

    Industry projects
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    OK thanks for the replies, I will put my emphasis in RELAP5, the school bought a whole bunch of programs such as TRACE, RELAP5 and PCTRAN, i wasn't sure which one was the best for nuclear engineering type work and simulation.

    I will email and ask for manuals as well.
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