How position of quarks decide the type of elementey particles ?

  1. I red the book halliday resnick I come to know
    protons and other such elementry particles are composed of further subparticles called quarks

    also that these quarks decide rather its proton or antiproton
    as if the arrangement of quarks are like 2up quarks up and 1down quark down then its proton
    and if its 1down quark up and 2up quarks down then its antiproton
    here comes my doubt if its so
    while the proton and nutron interchanges their positions the proton moves down and up and left and right
    at this time the proton's quarks postion changes to antiproton's quark position
    but this doesnt happens ??
    then how we can say that the position of quarks decide the type of elementry particle ??
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    I'm sorry, but I didn't understand this. Could you perhaps rewrite it? Also, it would help to gave something more specific than just "some books".
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  4. I re edited my thread and u can check it now rather its self explanatory to u know or not ??
  5. DrClaude

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    Quarks come in different flavours, two of which are called "up" (##\mathrm{u}##) and "down" (##\mathrm{d}##), see It has nothing to do with position.

    The proton is made up of two up quarks and one down quark (##\mathrm{u}\mathrm{u}\mathrm{d}##). The antiproton is made up of the corresponding antiparticles to those quarks, ##\bar{\mathrm{u}}## for the up antiquark and ##\bar{\mathrm{d}}## for the down antiquark. Therefore, the antiproton is composed of ##\bar{\mathrm{u}} \bar{\mathrm{u}} \bar{\mathrm{d}}##.
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    The 'up' and 'down' names for quarks have no connection to up or down positions in space.
  7. Ok it means proton uud and antiproton anti uud
    not the positions
    thanx all
  8. Meir Achuz

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    Historically, the names 'up' and 'down' referred to a representation in (non-spatial) isotopic spin that sometimes used up and down arrows for those two quarks. The same representation later led to the names 'top' and 'bottom' for the two heaviest quarks.

  9. ok yah I got it atlaaast
    thanx all
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    Names of quarks are purely made up - nothing to do with physics. Note that the intermediate level quarks are named charm and strange.
  11. jtbell

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    Then you have the quark color charges, red, green and blue, which have nothing to do with visual colors.
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