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Homework Help: How the current remains same in series circuit???

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    I think if current passes through first resistor then there must be some decrease in current and when reaches to next current will not be the same. And also i am not clear on this that when there are different loads in circuit , demanding different current then a device in the middle require more current. and if a device in the start requires less current. How the same flow fulfill requirements of each device.?
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    The current is flow of charges, the amount of charge crossing the cross section of the conductor in unit time. The charge can not accumulate in a conductor. When some charge flows into a resistor at one end, it have to flow out at the other end in the same time interval.
    Thing of water flowing through in a tube, the same amount flows in and out.
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    The current depends of the resistance. The current is also measured in the amount of charges crossing a point in unit of time. I=Q/t as u can see current depends on the speed and what resistor does is that he slows the flow of electrons. In series the battery will give as much current as the Voltage and resistance allow. However in parralel u create another current path and that draws more current from the battery. Batteries have some max amount of current that they can give per one hour before get completely discharged. According to I=V/R if u just conect the two pins of tje battery with a wire, wire has verry little resistance(less than ohm) and it will allow a LARGE current to pass thus discharging the battery in a seconds. Thats why u need some resistance.
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