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How to acquire the math skills I need

  1. Dec 21, 2014 #1
    Hello, I am currently an undergrad physics major at a US university, and I am planning on going to grad school to get my phd in astronomy or astrophysics. However, I am very interested in theoretical astrophysics and GR and the like, but I feel as though my university doesn't give us as much preparation in mathematics as I would hope for, as we are only required to take single and multivariable calculus, and a "math methods" class using "Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences" by Boas. I therefore am uncertain whether I should try to self-study some upper level math classes, or take extra courses or what. I would really like to avoid adding extra time onto my degree, so that makes my dilemma a bit more difficult. Any advice would be great.
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    From what I've read on other similar questions to this is if you want to do theoretical physics definitely fit in a lot of math classes as general electives etc. if it isnt already included in the program (I cant give you specific classes to take hopefully someone else can clarify). If there is a professor at the school in the field you are interested in I'd highly recommend reaching out to him/her with this same question.
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