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How to be a genius without an education.

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    Step 1: Wear a long scarf year round.

    Professor Gerald Lambeau from Good Will Hunting. Look at this dude, he's a math professor at MIT and he's always wearing a long scarf. Indoor, outdoor, summer, winter, a scarf is a necessary accessory for a genius. Some would argue a scarf is more important than a pen or pencil when working through complex mathematics problems.


    Step 2: Grow a nasty beard.

    Face the facts chump, you're too busy trying to develop a unified theory of everything to worry about shaving. Let that nasty beard grow, the longer it gets the smarter you become. Don't believe me ? Just walk though any science wing at a top university in the world, and you'll see two things: 1) brown shoes with white socks, 2) scraggly neck beards. It comes with the territory.


    Step 3: Tachyons

    Saying this word when talking to an individual or group of people instantly raises your IQ by 10 points.

    edit: deleted due to caption.

    Step 4: Lying

    Lying is essential to being a genius without an education, and this has to do primarily with social evolution. The 60's were about peace and love, 70's were all about drugs. The 1980's were about superficiality and the 90's were about nonconformists. This decade is all about imaginary perception, and it's more important what other people think than what actually is. Tell people you're a PhD. 3 times over and that you're colleagues with Kip Thorne. It's not like anyone would call ********, they're too afraid that if you start explaining something intelligent they wouldn't understand anything.

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    Ahahaahh! Funniest thread ever
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    Step 5: Being active.

    Tell you are part of a physics community doing physics in the cloud (i.e. cloud computing)

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    The guy with the beard is Grigori Perelman. I remember reading about him few years ago. He was awarded the Field Medal, which he declined to accept.


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    Haha, excellent thread.
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    LMAO great thread! Loved the nasty beard part that made my day actually.
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    Haven't seen Good Will Hunting, but it looks like those students are taking an introductory linear algebra course.
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    it's a good movie. they were doing combinatorics and game theory.
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    Step 6:

    Learn a proof (careful selection is the key) and write it on every window and wall you can find. The best proofs are those with that funny big S thingy and some of those lim things and maybe a few of those x's and y's with the little stripies or squigglies on them. Those confuse everybody and make you look smart.

    If you can't learn a proof, face it, it's tough to find one that looks cool and is easy to use, then just use the big S and squigglies and stuff and make up your own equations. Leaving out the equal signs will really get them guessing.

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    what about females, do you have any advice for them?
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    Some guys prefer crust on their sammitches while others do not. When in doubt, ask!

    \I keed, I keed! o:)
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