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How to become a heorotical physicist

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    i need some help to know how to become a theorotical physicist,i am very young(14)so i basically want to know what all is required,degrees and all.:smile:
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    The degree defining a theoretical physicist would probably be a doctorate title obtained through work in theoretical physics. This requires some university degree to be admitted to a PhD course which usually is a B.Sc or M.Sc (or their international equivalents) in physics or a very similar field. Skill-wise, a talent and affinity for mathematics and precision in writing and thinking are important. So if you want to become a theoretical physicist you should improve your writing skills: Spelling, capitalization, and the ability to express yourself in understandable and nonambiguous terms (so no "and all" just because you are too lazy to formulate a proper question or sentence).
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    As Timo said, you need to end up with a Ph.D. in physics, doing research on some theoretical subject. The details of how you get to that point depend on what country you study in, because different countries have different educational systems.
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    This link is rather amusing. The topic is on becoming a theoretical physicist, but the photo is of someone who I know is an experimentalist AND also in the building that I'm very familiar with (work there) that typically has ZERO theorists in it! :)

    What, they can't find a decent photo of Lisa Randall?

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    ha, funny!
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    thnkx fr the replies much appreciated
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    No matter what the next steps are, you should start learning how to spell. Looking at the thread list I had no idea what this thread is about.
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    Seems like an unnecessary assy comment, especially from an admin.

    Seeing as you're 14, the best thing you can do right now is really sharpen your mathematical and logical skills. Also, seeing as you are 14, keep your mind open to anything you might have an interest in, as theoretical physics is a disciple that is not only highly specialized, but also one that has the most romanticized view of what they actually do.

    Just do well in school right now, and make the most of those math classes :)
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    Intervenient: I don't think anyone telling himanshu to improve his/her writing skills is meaning to offend. With the kind of writing skill displayed in the opening post career options are rather limited (bouncer perhaps), and anything academic is certainly out of the question. There is no reason not to learn proper writing at the age of 14. And there is no reason not to tell someone. Contrary to what seems to be popular belief proper writing is a skill that requires training, and that best comes from actively being aware of spelling, grammar, and style in everyday usage.

    There is one other less thread-related thing which people tend to underestimate: I do feel offended when people ask for someone to spend time helping them but don't bother to spend twenty seconds for proof-reading their text because their time is too valuable for such trivialities. What himanshu123 achieves by his sloppy writing is that the answer he gets are from people who don't work in the field, but merely feel like posting some phrases they heard somewhere.
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    Well, first off, aside from his forgetting the t in theoretical, and some minor grammar issues, his writing skills weren't THAT bad. Certainly not, be-an-***-and-say-I-can't-read-it-and-not-help-with-the-actual-question bad. At the very most he could have helped and wrote at the end that proper spelling and grammar is an essential step in a higher education, or sent him a PM to not embarrass him.
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