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How to Become a Physicist without a degree

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    iam studying UG Bachelor of Electronics & Communication III year, i wish to end my bachelors and start my private research. my life ambition is to become a physicist, i have published 6 research papers till now in various streams. is there any scope of becoming a physicist without a degree if so how can i become one.
    if not how can i get in to MS or Phd without a degree.
    -thank you.
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    Formally, "physicist" is not a protected term. You are usually not allowed to call yourself a policeman, a judge, a physician or a doctor of science. But everyone is free to call themselves a physicist, I think. Now, I assume you want to fill this term with actual content. So the question back to you is: what is this content that you want to fill it with? In other words: What would it take for you to call yourself a physicist? Doing your private research usually is something that no one prevents you from doing, as long as this research does not violate any laws or regulations.

    As for your alternative question: If I understand you correctly you plan to get a degree. So your question might better be "how can I get a MS or PhD in physics if my BS is not in physics?". An undergrad degree in engineering is certainly worth much more than no degree at all with regards to switching to physics. (EDIT: This sections assumes "end" means "finish" - I just realized it could as well mean "quit").
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