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Homework Help: How to build a cart that moves from suspended mass

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    I have a project to do for my Physics class in grade 11. I have to design and build a car that will move in a forward direction. The source of energy for this car must be a suspended mass. The mass can be anything that is located anywhere. The car cannot have any other source of energy. It also must go as far and as fast as possible. Please help me with some ideas. Thanks.
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    What ideas have you come up with so far?
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    If you put a pole on top of it with a pulley or some such, the weight will have a large distance to fall. If wound around a small axle with large wheels, it will travel pretty far assuming:

    1. It has enough force to accelerate
    2. the combination of acceleration and tallness doesn't cause it to tip over.
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    That is somewhat the same idea i had
    I was just wondering if there was a faster way to get more speed cause i was afraid the car wouldnt move too far.
    Would it be better to use some sort of elastic or rubber string of some sort so there will be more grip on the axle?
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