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A cart or dray (Aus. & NZ) is a vehicle designed for transport, using two wheels and normally pulled by one or a pair of draught animals. A handcart is pulled or pushed by one or more people.
It is different from the flatbed trolley also known as a dray, (for freight) or wagon, which is a heavy transport vehicle with four wheels and typically two or more humans.
Over time, the term "cart" has come to mean nearly any small conveyance, including shopping carts, golf carts, gokarts, and UTVs, without regard to number of wheels, load carried, or means of propulsion.
The draught animals used for carts may be horses, donkeys or mules, oxen, and even smaller animals such as goats or large dogs.

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  1. niko_niko

    Confusion on mechanics problem involving cart, blocks, and pulley

    [Mentor Note -- Two threads on the same by the OP have been merged into one] I'm having trouble understanding the solution my professor gave me, in particular, the accelerations of m_2 and m_1. When my professor solved for the acceleration of m_2, he used a as the acceleration but when I look...
  2. D

    g-load for an impact (shop cart hitting an immovable stop)

    I'm designing a cart holding a 3,000 lbs load that will be pushed around the shop floor. One structural load I am concerned about is if the operator pushes the cart into a rigid stop, how much load will that impart to the cart? I realize calculating the g-load is a very complicated problem...
  3. M

    Help with Inverted Pendulum on Cart EoM

    Hi All, My goal is to relearn some control theory and implement a working inverted pendulum on a cart with an industrial linear motor. See video: Working through an example of an inverted pendulum on a cart posted here...
  4. paulimerci

    A cart collides with a bumper -- Find the final displacements, etc.

    I'm using conservation of energy to solve for both a) and b). a) Initially, the cart is released from rest, which has maximum GPE at the top of the inclined plane. U_g is converted to K.E as it reaches the bottom of the incline. $$ E_i = E_f $$ $$ U_g = K.E_f$$ $$ 2mgh = \frac {1}{2}2mv^2$$ $$ v...
  5. PhysicsRock

    Leaking cart being accelerated

    My approach is to use the definition of the Force with ##\displaystyle F = \frac{dp}{dt} = \dot{m} v + m \dot{v}##. Since ##m(t)## decreases linearly, I should be able to set ##m(t) = M - \Phi t##, thus ##F = - \Phi v + (M - \Phi t) \dot{v}##, which gives ##\displaystyle v = -\frac{ F - (M -...
  6. Crunge

    Acceleration of the cart on a Ferris Wheel (Circular Motion)

    After 3,32 seconds, vt should have varied by 0,695*3,32. I have done a previous exercise where you only needed to calculate the radial acceleration in this scenario. There, I took the vt after the given time, squared it and then divided with the radius. I remember clearing that one, so in this...
  7. A

    Finding kinetic energy and initial velocity of a cart over time

    Here's my list of variables and things to account for: m=100kg Wnc=5000J Wfriction=-500J -Kinetic energy will be doubled (though I don't know how that plays into it exactly) -I don't think there's any PE because it's on level ground My idea of what the equation might be: Wnc +1/2mv^2initial =...
  8. Einstein44

    I Coefficient of rolling friction for a lab cart

    I was looking for a way to calculate the friction arising from the axle and wheel of a standard lab cart. I came across this research paper: https://www.usna.edu/Users/physics/mungan/_files/documents/Publications/PhysEd4.pdf That derived the following equation for the coefficient of rolling...
  9. muna

    Forces on Static Shopping Cart

    Hey guys, help me out a bit here. I want to form 2d static equilibrium equations for a shopping cart. This is for an assignment. I'm kind of confused about the support reactions. I'm not sure how I should analyze the basket. I was going with A as a fixed support (see image) since I'm guessing...
  10. Rusty_Shackleford

    Push/Pull Force of wheeled cart on an incline

    Summary:: Looking for the formula to calculate force required to push a wheeled cart weighing 227 kg up a 15 degree incline. I’m trying to find the formula for force required to push a 227kg cart with four wheels up an incline that is 15 degrees. From my physics classes I thought the formula...
  11. S

    Inverted pendulum on a cart using a PID controller

    hi everyone. in my project , I'm facing with a problem. in PID controller , desire poles are -1+j3 & -1-j3 after design , the overshoot is very high and the settling time more than PD controller i change the K and zi (pi) several times . but not better. the pd controller : (s+23) pid controller...
  12. jskrzypi

    Angle on ramp with cart and weights on rope at end

    I believe the nx, Ty, and (fs)y are all 0. I could solve for theta if I could figure out (fs)x or ny. edit: Track is frictionless, so delete (fs) forces.
  13. W

    Work done: Horse pulling cart

    The answers for author's solution differ slightly from mine when I convert his answers to SI. I think this is only a conversion issue as the differences are small but I wanted to confirm if my solution is correct: d=rt (distance = rate x time) so (12...
  14. K

    Horse and Cart Question: Understanding the Impact of Ground Forces

    Summary:: Horse and Cart question. Help gratefully appreciated. Referring to the power point screen twelve minutes in for the video link below, I think it is not the internal force of the cart exerting on the horse when pulling it back that is of relevance, but instead it is the relative size...
  15. T

    Calculating air resistance for a cart rolling down a ramp

    I am doing a physics lab where we are supposed to calculate air resistance and find the impacts of velocity and cross sectional area on air resistance. For the experiment, we rolled a cart down a ramp and measured data using Pasco Capstone software. When rolling the cart down the ramp, we...
  16. Hamiltonian

    Velocity of a cart moving in the rain as a function of time

    At time t = 0, the mass of the cart is ##M_0## and velocity is ##v_0## in a time interval ##dt## let a mass of ##dm## be added to the cart due to the pouring water and let the reduction in speed be ##dv## ##\lambda = dm/dt## applying conservation of momentum from the ground frame gives $$M_0...
  17. aspodkfpo

    Weird algebra and logic in a mechanics cart quesiton

    Logic and equations seem to have come out of nowhere in this question. I have been unable to understand where these equations come from and why they are used. Can someone describe the logic for the steps in the question?
  18. A

    Hydrostatic pressure of liquid in a cart on an inclined ramp

    Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. I am not able to make the force diagram for the liquid. I am still in high school and started now little hydrostatic. If someone can give me a light, I would be very .grateful.
  19. G

    Is Gravity the only force doing work on a roller coaster cart?

    Why I think gravity *is* the only force doing work on the rider: 1) The only forces acting on the rider are gravity and the normal force. Broken down into their component vectors, we have: -> The component of the force of gravity moving parallel to the rider's direction of motion -> The normal...
  20. PickyBiker

    Understanding Force vs Speed for Arduino-Based Inverted Pendulum on Cart

    I am using the Stanford “Dynamics: Inverted pendulum on a cart” document, https://web.stanford.edu/class/me161/documents/InvertedPendulumOnCartSolution.pdf, as the basis for the Arduino c code. I need help with the term Fc (Feedback force on the cart A) because the motor I’m using is a stepper...
  21. V

    Why does the heavier cart get greater velocity than the lighter one?

    I'm thinking some of the kinetic energy and momentum from the lighter cart transferred to the heavier.
  22. physics_CD

    A cart with two cylindrical wheels connected by a rod

    Firstly I only consider one of the wheels. This wheel consists of a big wheel (black) with mass M and radius R and inside it a circular region with a negative mass (-m) and radius R/2. (I assume they have same mass density but with opposite signs. I do this because I don't know where the center...
  23. B

    Is it possible to pull a wagon without wheels?

    Fa = Force applied on the cart by the parent Fax = x component For the force applied on the cart by the parent Fay = y component For the force applied on the cart by the parent Ff = force of friction The method I thought to use was to solve for Facos, Fasin and then use pythagorean's theorem to...
  24. posto002

    With what speed does the cart recoil?

    I started off with vf^2=vi^2+2ad and plugged in the final velocity, acceleration (9.8) and distance which is 2.1 to get: 0=vi^2+2(9.8)(2.1) I solved this to get: vi=6.42 I then plugged this into find the x-component of vi (I labeled this as simply x)...
  25. LilRubyKinz

    How to Solve Acceleration of Cart on 3 Different Slopes?

    I am trying to solve accelerations of a cart on these different slopes. I don't understand how it is possible without knowing the coefficient of friction, but my teacher says it is (very cryptically I might add). Can anyone help me understand this? Thanks.
  26. I

    Difficulty with this Problem involving a Pully and Cart

    My attempt is also attached. Basically, I think I have (a) down. The only issue is I am getting the wrong answer, and I was hoping one of you could let me know if the answer key is wrong or the way I did it was wrong? The answer is 1.823m/s^2. Also, for the second part, I am really not sure...
  27. A

    What is the work done on cart by the string?

    Homework Statement A cart of mass M1 = 6 kg is attached to a block of mass M2 = 3 kg by a string that passes over a frictionless pulley. The system is initially at rest and the table is frictionless. After the block has fallen a distance h = 1 m: What is the work Ws done on the cart by the...
  28. O

    Impulse and Momentum: Ball and cart connected by a cord

    Homework Statement [/B] A 1kg cart, a 0.1kg ball, and an elastic cord connecting the ball and the cart, are placed in a weightless environment; see Figure. The cart has the shape of a symmetric trapezoid with its left and right edges at a 60-deg angle from the vertical. It is also attached with...
  29. T

    Two moving objects - box and cart

    Homework Statement We have a cart (It is very long) and a box on it.They are at first stationary but at ##t=0##, cart begins to move with ##v## such that: ##v = \alpha t^\beta ; t\leq t_0## and ##\dot v = c; t>t_0 ## where ##\alpha ,\beta ,c## are constants. At the time ##t1 (t_1<t_0)## the...
  30. T

    Question about the Work-Kinetic Energy Theorem - Pulling a cart

    Homework Statement Question from Fundamentals of Physics (Halliday, Resnick, Walker) This figure below shows a cord attached to a cart that can slide along a frictionless horizontal rail aligned along an x axis. The left end of the cord is pulled over a pulley, of negligible mass and friction...
  31. Cc518

    A father spins his child on a cart

    Homework Statement The father stands at the summit of a conical hill as he spins his 20 kg child around on a 5.0 kg cart with a 2.0-m-long rope. The sides of the hill are inclined at 20 degrees. He keeps the rope parallel to the ground, and friction is negligible. What rope tension will allow...
  32. E

    Inverted Pendulum on a Cart -- Nonlinear State Space equations

    Hi good day. I am trying to find the general Inverted Pendulum on a cart nonlinear state space equations with two degrees of freedom with x, x_dot, theta, theta_dot which represents displacement, velocity, pendulum angle from vertical, angular velocity. However from research, I am seeing...
  33. G

    Dynamics cart systems: Vernier vs. Pasco?

    I'm new to this forum, so please forgive if this is posted in the wrong thread and redirect me. I teach high school Physics and we just got a large unexpected grant which means I can finally buy a set of dynamics cart and track systems for my classroom. I am trying to decide between buying...
  34. R

    Acceleration of a cart immediately after the system is released

    Homework Statement : A block B of mass m is suspended from a cord of length l attached to cart A of mass M as shown in the figure. The horizontal surface on which the cart moves is smooth. Initially the cart and the block are at rest in the position shown. Now the block is released. Take M=2kg...
  35. C

    Man's weight on a railroad car

    Homework Statement The problem relates to the subject of torque and angular momentum: A man of mass ## M ## stands on a railroad car that is rounding an unbanked turn of radius R at speed v. His center of mass is height ## L ## above the car, and his feet are distance ## d ## apart. The man is...
  36. T

    Newton's 3rd law: motorized cart pushes a heavy cart

    Hi there, Just to map out my question, I am thinking about cart 1 which is a motorized cart and cart 2 -- a cart with a heavy object on it. There is an acceleration rightward. I understand that Fc1onc2 = -Fc2onc1 which means that the forces do not cancel out as they are applied on different...
  37. karush

    MHB Cp 3.6.11 A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded cart with a horizontal force of 10 N.

    $\tiny{cp 3.6.11}$ $\textsf{A shopper in a supermarket pushes a loaded cart with a horizontal force of 10 N.}$ $\textsf{If the cart has a mass of 30 kg,}$ $\textit{a. how far will it move in 3s starting from rest }$ \begin{align*}\displaystyle ma&=F \\ a&=\frac{F}{m} \\ &=\frac{10N}{30 \, kg}...
  38. J

    Work done on a shopping cart by friction when being pushed

    Homework Statement A grocery cart with mass of 19.3 kg is pushed at constant speed along an aisle by a shopper who exerts a force of 13.1 N on the cart at an angle of 18.3 from the horizontal. The aisle is 15.1 m long. The coefficient of friction is 0.0658. Find the work done on the cart by...
  39. S

    Torque to move a loaded cart

    I would like to see if I am on the correct path here and didn't miss anything for a project at work. If I am trying to move a cart that weighs 10 tons, this includes the weight of the cart and its load, the wheels of the cart are 10 inches in diameter, and with a 40:1 ratio gearbox I need to...
  40. H

    Maximum weight carried by a specific torque

    Hello, My name is Hugh Carstensen. I am a CSE undergrad at the Ohio State University. I recently secured a position designing and assembling an automated camera-rig for digitization of archival works in the Knowlton School of Architecture. The rig will be powered by a number of small stepper...
  41. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.35: A cart carrying a small package

    Homework Statement The cart carrying the small 9-N package A is moving up the incline with constant acceleration α. If the package stays at rest relative to the cart in the position θ=45deg, determine the value of α. Neglect friction. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] Are my...
  42. B

    A rocket on a cart is fired to go through a hoop

    Homework Statement A 300 g rocket is on a cart that is rolling to the right at a speed of 2 m/s. The rocket engine, when it is fired, exerts an 6 N thrust on the rocket. Your goal is to have the rocket pass through a small horizontal hoop that is 18 m above the launch point. At what horizontal...
  43. C

    Critical Velocity in a roller coaster cart

    1. The problem statement, all variables, and given/known data I was just wondering if a roller coaster can still pass through a loop with less than critical velocity/energy (Also if I'm assuming critical energy correctly). The loop can be of any size yet it must not exceed 5.7g at the entry...
  44. P

    Friction between cart and a surface covered with a liquid?

    << Thread moved from the technical forums so no Homework Help Template is shown >> Hello, I'm attempting an experiment where I take a cart and slide it down a ramp. Each time, I will coat the ramp with a different liquid. I want to compare the effects of the dry ramp, a ramp with water poured...
  45. Will1119

    Velocity of a Cart accelerated by a Jet stream

    This is a problem for a fluid dynamics class I'm in. My current approach is to use a conservation of mass approach and say that the d/dt(momentum in the cart) = momentum into the cart. This leads to (u is speed of the cart, V is volume J is jet velocity, A is cross sectional area of the jet)...
  46. oobgular

    Mass & Friction: Cart Question Answered

    So suppose two carts roll down a hill. One is more massive than the other, but they both have the same size. Neglecting air resistance, which one reaches the bottom first? Without friction, I think both reach the bottom at the same time. However my first thought was that the heavier car will...
  47. Dusty912

    What is the acceleration of the cart? :)

    Homework Statement A man is pulling himself up the 15 degree incline by the method shown. If the combined mass of the man and the cart is 100kg, determine the acceleration of the cart if the man excerpts 250 N on the rope. There is also a .2 coefficient for the kinetic friction between the...
  48. L

    MHB Shopping cart object problems using methods, and arrays no arrayLists. java

    Hello, I cannot seem to get the calculations correct for my shopping cart to print out the tickets and total how many tickets and how much they are. The first set of code is for the shopping cart the comment sections are for what is suppose to be happening in each section. I have the menu...
  49. Nikhil Rajagopalan

    Jumping off a moving cart on a frictionless track

    If we consider a cart of mass M ,moving along a friction-less track, with velocity v on which a boy of mass m, stands at rest initially at the front end of the cart . If the boy jumps from the cart, in the direction of motion of the cart with a velocity u relative to the cart, what will be the...
  50. S

    Air-Track Carts & Spring (Energy)

    Homework Statement The air-track carts in the figure(Figure 1) are sliding to the right at 2.0 m/s. The spring between them has a spring constant of 140 N/m and is compressed 4.1 cm. The carts slide past a flame that burns through the string holding them together. What is the final speed of...