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How to calculate steam consumption?

  1. Mar 17, 2012 #1
    there is a boiler of capacity of 150 lb/hr. steam is being consumed in multiple machines. my area of interest are three particular machines and i want to find out how much amount of steam is being used by each machine. there are no flow meters installed. all i can see is a pressure gauge at the inlet of a machine (dryer) and the reading is 35 psi. and the pressure at the outlet of the boiler is about 135 psi. How can i find out the steam consumption in dryer and other machines using pressure reading?
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    You could investigate using a non-intrusive flowmeter, although I've only ever used them on oil systems so they might not work with steam. Alternativly contact the manufacturers and ask them about steam consumption.
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    What is a non-intrusive flowmeter?
    Unfortunately the equipment is too old and the owner does not happen to have the catalogs, he knows nothing about the manufacturers. from the look of the equipment it looks to be manufactured in some local workshop (i'm not sure).
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